Vincent Czarnecki


My name is Vinny Czarnecki. 

I am a second year PhD student at Rutgers University in the Linguistics Department. My research interests lie at the intersection of Linguistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Philosophy. 

There are ideas, both new and old, in these fields that might be seemingly unrelated to natural language on the surface but are often perfect for answering our questions as linguists. I like to explore how such ideas can inform language processing, learning, and complexity. I’m primarily focused on tackling these questions in syntax, but am open to such questions in any other subfields… 

If there’s math and language, count me in! 

I am less interested in using computers to just do language stuff, I’m more interested in using computation as a means to describe how humans do language stuff. With this is mind, my goal is to specifically explore how math/cs/philosophy can inform our understanding of the cognitive aspects behind processing and learning language. Also, I'd like to think how this understanding could eventually be harnessed and used to inform some techniques in NLP so that it could more closely resemble cognition (and in turn, potentially be of more use to resource-poor languages). 

When I’m not doing linguistics related stuff, I like to play the guitar (I play guitar Long Island Post-Rock band Golden Hymns Sing 'Hurrah). I also made the album art shown here!